They say you dress for success. That’s why wearing a good pair of hunting gloves is a wise decision when preparing for your hunt. Keep in mind that not all hunting gloves are created equal. Your decision on what hunting glove to wear is determined by the expected temperature and your hunting style. It boils down to the grip on your firearm or bow, protection for the hands, and mobility.

Why Hunters Choose to Wear Gloves When Hunting:

Environmental Protection

Walking through the brush, tall weeds, cattail sloughs, or cornfields while carrying your gear can certainly do a number on unprotected hands. Abrasions and cuts like these can take weeks to heal and can also be susceptible to infection. Wearing hunting gloves will also reduce your risk of animal contact injuries. It’s you against nature, be prepared.

The late-season hunting brings the need for protection against the cold. When the weather turns wet and frigid, warm gloves are an important asset to your hunting gear—choosing not to wear gloves while hunting can quickly make a bad situation worse.

If it’s not cold out, you may think, what’s the point of wearing gloves? The warm sun may feel good, but we can forget that our hands and joints are particularly sensitive to sun exposure. Wearing a lightweight SPF hunting glove designed for your style of hunting is very beneficial.

A Better Grip

Wearing gloves when hunting, you’ll be able to take more accurate shots with greater ease. Moist or wet conditions add to the potential for your firearm or bow to slip out of your control. Look for a hunting glove with a high-performance form of non-slip grip. The two most important functions of your gloves are a sure grip and protection for your hands.

Added Camouflage

A bonus to wearing hunting gloves is the extra camouflage provided. The least amount of exposed skin is the best way to ensure complete camouflage from your game. Covering as much skin as possible with a pattern, whether camo or not, will break up your outline against your surroundings, allowing you to blend in. Your hands are the first to move when it’s time to take the shot; those few seconds before the trigger is pulled are crucial.

Find Hunting Gloves That are Designed for Your Style of Hunting

Like most anything, there are pros and cons to wearing gloves while hunting. But when you find that ‘just right’ pair – you’ll quickly see the pros outweigh the cons. The best gloves for hunting will keep your hands protected, dry, and, when needed, warm—all without compromising dexterity or affecting your ability to shoot.

Find hunting gloves with features for your hunting style and the location you’ll be hunting. Whether it’s a firearm or bow, summer or winter, when you’re gearing up for your next hunt, don’t forget your gloves; you won’t regret it.

Be ready to make the shot!